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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  April 19, 2015 10:30am-10:32am EDT

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steve: to tie it back to her conversation she brought up about the middle class and economic security. she could not answer the question of how the trade deals would raise wages or address the income gap. both political parties are talking about that a lot. it seems to me to be a question. trade in itself sounds wonderful but unless you can say it will raise wages in ohio or iowa or florida i'm not sure why they're going to push it. kathy: one thing we know about these bills is they have a huge support in the business community. big business and big money wants these bills. that's not to say that there couldn't ultimately be a benefit. but i think what labor and a lot of middle class voters feel is that past trade agreements have led to job exodus. so convincing people that it -- why would people believe it won't happen this time and how is there any guarantee that any of these laudable goals of the negotiating environmental
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guarantees and worker safety guarantees, how is that going to be enforced in an international environment? pedro: our reporter guests for "newsmakers" this week, kathy kiley of bloomberg politics their washington news director and steven thome, the white house reporter and political editor. to both of you, thanks for being on the show. >> tonight on "q&a" author jessica stern on isis and what we need to understand about them. justessica: there are two aspects that are very important for the president to understand. one is their efforts on social media and the need for us to respond to that, to counter the


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